I have already demonstrated, by crucial tests, the practicability of signaling by my system from one to any other point of the globe, no matter how remote, and I shall soon convert the disbelievers.

Nikola Tesla

****  Notice  09/06/2021 **** 
School Club Roundup
October 18-22, 2021
February 14-18, 2022
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**** NOTICE **** (11//19//2021)
The following have been unanimously elected for the 2022 VARC Officers  

President - WT0B Gary
Vice President - KF5VZ Brenson
Secretary – KI5GAP Darrell
Treasurer - KI5PG Bob
Public Relations - KI5LKM Erin



****  Notice  01/03/2022 **** 
We have updated the

Monday Night Net Control Operator Schedule
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Encompassing Victoria and surrounding counties in Texas, USA, VARC supports our community by providing communications for special events or during emergencies. We provide a hobby for qualified persons who are interested in radio techniques.


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**** NOTICE ****

A new web page has been added under the main menu tab "More" titled "HF World".  It contains links to HF subjects that have been requested from some of our HF band Hams.  Let us know if you have anything you would like to see.

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