2020 Monthly Meetings on the third Thursday Start at 7:00 PM


Go to the 2020 NET Schedule for the updated Monday night operator's schedule.

There is also a new Members List located on the VARC Members sub-menu tab.


This week we will be using the 145.190 repeater for our weekly Monday Net as well as our monthly General meeting on the third Thursday due to a noise problem on the 145.130 repeater.


The new club ByLaws are posted on the Web Site under the "about" tab


Due to the COVID-19 virus, we recommend all members 65 years of age and older who are considered "High Risk" use our radio net to participate in our Monthly General Meeting until the virus threat subsides.


Our next monthly meeting on a Thursday will be conducted on the 145.190 repeater as an on-line only meeting.  No members will meet in person at the DeTar North conference room until advised otherwise.

Go to the MEETINGS menu tab for monthly meeting information.


A brief agenda for the next monthly Thursday General Meeting will be published here on the bulletin board, a complete agenda may be found under the Meeting Agendas sub-tab under the 'MEETINGS/CONTACT main menu tab'

--Field Day Plans--

With Field Day on the 4th full weekend in June (27 & 28th), approximately 13 weeks away, we need to get to work on a new plan protecting the health and safety of all Field Day participants. With all of the current restrictions, lets come up with some new ideas of what we can do.

Bob Whitaker KI5PG suggested we focus much more  on local emergency communications from our own shacks using emergency power like batteries and solar power and help our members improve our local hams and our neighbors that might need our assistance during local emergencies. 

We may have to forget striving for a public display and publicity event and focus on local communications capabilities upgrade.


Check out the ARRL link included below and let us know what you think.

Bob Whitaker has volunteered to be the Field Day Committee Chairman, we need volunteers for committee members and member input.


We are developing a program to work with the Boy Scouts of America for a merit badge and an amateur radio license training program. Gary Garnett -WT0B is the committee chairman.


Auxiliary Communications Training

   Click on John Johnston e-mail below: 


Auxiliary Communication (AUXCOMM)

Training Program e-mail



Check out Bob Whitaker's "Inside Antennas" article in the 'Projects Page' on the Main Menu.

It is time to adapt

Directions to Harvey's Busy Bee location.

Harvey says:  The Google map shows it being about 1/2 mile from the actual entrance. If coming from 1447, the entrance to the Busy Bee is immediately BEFORE Cattle Guard Road makes a sharp turn to the right. As you get on Cattle Guard from 1447 you will go over a slight rise and then down a hill. When you pass the steel building on your left, slow down and start looking to your left for our gate. There is a white sign to the left of the gate with the address so there will be no mistake. We will try to keep a watch on 146.520 Simplex if you get lost, or try my cell 361-676-0356. Hope to see you there!

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